Doctors and engineers flocking to multiplexes to watch Chennai Express.

Doctors and engineers across the length and breadth of the country are flocking to multiplexes to pay tribute to Rohit Shetty’s blockbuster imagesChennai Express.

It was actually quite surprising to learn that engineers and doctors, who usually flock to Twitter and Facebook in large numbers to bash up Shahrukh Khan at the drop of a hat,  have decided to give up their traditional hostility towards SRK as long as Chennai Express continues to play in the theatres. Some engineers, and most doctors grudgingly admitted that they have reconciled to SRK’s horribly clichéd and totally impractical ways of courtship, just for the sake of this sacrosanct movie.

“Why sacrosanct?” asked a correspondent from a prominent fake news channel to one doctor who had come to see the maternity matinee show straight from his maternity hospital. He glanced up at SRK’s giant poster and slowly began to take his gloves off. But before he could reply, the correspondent was quickly surrounded by a flock of engineers who eagerly flashed their H1B visas alongwith air-tickets to the US of A.

One of the engineers, who looked every bit an investment banker, cleared his throat and began, “We have been in the US for the last 10 years and shall be going back right after the show. We are what we are because of Chennai Express! Long years ago, we made a tryst with destiny, when we subscribed to Brilliant Tutorials’ correspondence courses. And now the time comes when we shall redeem our investments, not wholly or in full measure, but rather more than substantially. The journey that began from a little known station in Masilamani Mudali Street, T. Nagar, Chennai, culminates today in a tub of outrageously expensive popcorn! Hurray!”

And with that the crowd disappeared into the theatre.

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