Thousands fall below poverty line after watching Dhoom 3


Thousands of common men, women and children belonging to the middle class in cities across the country have suddenly plunged below the poverty line after watching Dhoom 3 in multiplexes. In a confidential report submitted by the Ministry of Urban Poverty Alleviation, it was reported that high prices of Dhoom 3 tickets, coupled with unreasonable demands of exorbitantly priced popcorn, snacks and cola by wives and kids during intervals led to a sudden and alarming drop in fiscal situation in most households.

The increase in poverty has been so sharp that most men have cancelled important meetings over the next weekend to stay with their families and strictly prevent the wives from going anywhere near malls and restaurants for the sake of fiscal safety. Most of those affected were also seen putting up their iPhones and Galaxys for sale in Olx and Quickr and opting instead for Xolo and Celkon handsets with a heavy heart.

The government, already shaken by the twin issues of inflation and price rise, has quickly swung into action and is presently reviewing all possible measures to arrest further decline in the economic situation of Dhoom 3 viewers. A concerned looking official of the ministry disclosed that one possible measure that is being actively discussed is partial reimbursement of Dhoom 3 ticket prices to viewers’ Aadhar Card linked bank accounts. The government has also urged the film-makers to desist from releasing high budget, high action 3D movies in the next 3 months or at least until the RBI Governor reviews the key lending rates and makes it easier for people to borrow loans for watching movies.

A spokesman for the producers, however, rubbished the allegations and said that such action thrillers are designed as escapist movies, meaning the viewer always gets a fair chance to escape in time from the ticket window.

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